What You Need To Know About Ginseng: 7 Powerful Health Benefits

What You Need To Know About Ginseng: 7 Powerful Health Benefits

Is Ginseng the Answer for Your Wellness Needs?

Do you feel the stress of daily life taking a toll on you? Find yourself getting anxious? Or do you just want a little extra boost for your sex life? Ginseng might be the solution you are looking for. Read on to see how ginseng root has been proven to help.  

Healers have used ginseng root as a powerful cure-all for centuries, in traditional Chinese medicine and North American traditions. Ginseng perseveres as a potent aid for better sexual performance, brain function, mood, and immunity. Now, scientific research has begun to catch up and unlock the secrets of this potent herbal medicine supplement.

What is Ginseng? 

Ginseng is a root. Plants of the Panax genus have fleshy roots that have been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicines. Ginseng is known for its use in tonics for vitality and longevity. No wonder Panax means “heals all” in Greek. 

  • Ginseng roots contain compounds called ginsenosides. It is the Ginsenosides that do all the magic. When absorbed well in the body they boost energy, stamina, and cognitive function, among other life-changing benefits that they are known for.
  • Ginseng is sourced from many different kinds of plants from the Panax genus. American Ginseng and Korean Red Ginseng are the two main types used in supplements.  

Ginseng Health benefits

What Kind of Ginseng Is Right For You? 

Red, White, Korean, American, Canadian, Panax… There are many labels for ginseng that you might find confusing. 

Korean Red Ginseng vs American Ginseng
  • Korean Red Ginseng or Panax Ginseng are named after one type of root that grows in Asia. It's the most well-known variety of ginseng.  
  • American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius) is the other main type of this plant. It's also known as Canadian Ginseng. Many scientific studies have been conducted on this variation.


Both of the above types of ginseng contain ginsenosides, so they both have similar benefits.

American ginseng has some distinct properties from Korean Red Ginseng.  American ginseng lowers the metabolic temperature. It is regarded as more “cooling” as compared to the higher stimulating effects of Asian Ginseng.

For long-term use, slightly mellower American Ginseng is recommended. 



Makes sex better

Ginseng is a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction, but it is also effective for women. During menopause, when sexual arousal begins to decline, ginseng might be a game-changer for women (and their partners). In menopausal women, this placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover study touted the benefits of ginseng for improving sexual arousal. 

The benefits for men are better known. Yes, ginseng may very well be a herbal version of Viagra. This systematic review of 28 studies shows that ginseng can help men last longer. 

Plus, combined with the other benefits of better energy and alertness, ginseng might be the spark you need to take things to the next level. 

Beats Stress and Anxiety

You cannot help feeling stressed about bills, work, or your relationship and it's taking a toll on your body. The wonderful thing about ginseng is its ability to -wait for it- optimize hormone levels to make sure your stress does not affect your body.

In a 2017 study scientists explain that stress actually has disease pathways that affect the brain and the body. In the study, they found that ginseng regulates hormones, effectively cleaning up the mess. Ginseng protects not only from physical ailments but also from depression and anxiety.

Ginseng also makes your brain sharper. A 2018 report investigated claims made by prior studies and concluded that ginseng improves brain function.

A 2016 study also showed that patients with Alzheimer's Disease who took Panax Ginseng for 12 weeks experienced a significant improvement in brain function.

Boosts energy

If you feel weak and tired daily, ginseng can be a solution. A double-blind placebo-controlled scientific trial in 2013 showed that men and women with chronic fatigue had higher energy levels when treated with ginseng. 

American Ginseng has even shown promise for cancer-related fatigue, according to a study in 2014. Cancer patients were given 1000 mg of ginseng twice daily for 8 weeks.

The patients reported significantly lower fatigue by the end of the treatment. Before this study, no treatment had shown such results, so you get the idea. American ginseng is a powerful energy booster.

Ginseng beats stress and anxiety

Lowers blood sugar

Even if you're not diabetic, do you want to get rid of your post-lunch energy dip and regulate your vitality levels? You can use ginseng to take charge of your health right now. Ginseng lowers blood sugar so it can be good early prevention to lowering your risk of diabetes. 

In a study in 2014 scientists observed that ginseng lowered blood sugar in the subjects. People who took ginseng also noticed an improvement in insulin resistance.

These findings were consistent with another double-blind placebo-controlled 2014 study that studied glucose and insulin levels right after a meal.

People who took daily doses of red ginseng had better post-meal blood sugar levels and insulin readings. This is the key to beating your afternoon slump.

If you’re diabetic, ginseng may complement your existing treatment by lowering blood sugar. If you’re not, it can prevent diabetes and give you more energy.  

Reduces Inflammation

Ginsenosides are anti-inflammatory, and this 2020 study provides solid evidence.

Inflammation is a natural defense mechanism of your body. But when out of control, it is linked to health issues like chronic pain, arthritis, and heart disease.  If you struggle with malaise, aches, and low energy, inflammation may be to blame. Ginseng can may help here.

Ginseng may be your solution to long-term health and vitality for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Increases Immunity

Generally, we are aware we need a healthy immune system to fight illness. You may be even more mindful of it as we claw out of the effects of a pandemic.  Unbelievably, ginseng can help fight disease as well.

Ginseng has been shown to improve the efficacy of vaccines. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial studied people who took ginseng after getting flu shots.  In the group that took ginseng extract, there were fewer incidences of the flu and immune systems were stronger.

Ginseng helps cancer survivors

Helps Cancer Survivors

Ginseng even shows promise in immunity against cancer.

One study focused on stomach cancer survivors. The results showed better immunity and lower recurrence of symptoms among the group that took Red Ginseng every day for two years.


Not All Supplements Are Created Equal 

If you want to try ginseng extract for these powerful benefits, you must be on the hunt for the perfect supplement.

  • Ginseng is available in many forms. Capsules and tablets are the most common. Tea, powders, and slices of the root are also available.  
  • Powerful as they are, ginsenosides are not the most well-absorbing compounds. Ginsenosides are not readily bioavailable for the body to utilize.
  • If ginseng does not absorb well in your body, you might simply be flushing all the wellness benefits down the toilet.


Ginsenosides require a little help from modern technology to reach their full potential for maximum health benefits. 

This is why the best ginseng supplement must have nano-sized delivery systems. Studies suggest that this technology promises better drug absorption and fewer side effects.   

The Power of Nano-Sized Delivery Systems

When you take a medication with a nano-sized delivery system, you use a much smaller capsule for dramatically better absorption. Nano-technology improves the bioavailability of the good stuff, ginsenosides, in this case, to make sure your body makes full use of it.

If you decide to try ginseng for longevity and wellness, you need nano-technology to reap the full benefits of this traditional cure-all.

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