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maximise every moment. health is the key.

Feeling good is the ultimate goal in life. If we can wake each day from a restful sleep, energized and motivated, our system firing on all cylinders – what else is there? Health is the key to it all. BIOSTRIPS™ exists to take yours to new heights.

Not all supplements are created equal

For health-conscious high performers everywhere, supplements are a standard part of life. But not all supplements deliver what is promised, formulated using outdated science that limits bioavailability. Long story short: most supplements contain only tiny doses of key active ingredients (and up to 90% fillers), with a delivery system that has little chance of making a ripple in how you feel.

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Our values

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seriously superior science

Formulated using our patented Nutrasorb® technology, BIOSTRIPS™ champions maximum bioavailability. Each dissolve-on-the-tongue strip contains a minimum of 40% high-performing, premium-quality active ingredients, and 60% fewer fillers than ingestible supplements. What does it mean? Supplements that work faster, do more and last longer.

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planet conscious

We care deeply about this big, blue marble called Earth. Our highly considered packaging is made with recycled, recyclable materials. Our innovative SynthiSorb® technology reduces waste by minimizing not just fillers but everything involved in sourcing and transporting unnecessary ingredients.

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trust & transparency

At the heart of BIOSTRIPS™ is a deep and unwavering commitment to quality and sincerity. Everything about BIOSTRIPS™ has been informed by personal experience and driven by the desire to provide a natural, premium-quality and trusted alternative to traditional supplements. We’re not here to pull punches, to hoodwink with bogus health claims, to bamboozle with empty marketing jargon. We’re here to revolutionize health and wellness with science steered by truth and efficacy.

meet our founder


Certified Nutritional Advisor Specializing in Dietary Supplementation

Founded in 2019 by Joanna Bacchus, Elsantis, creator of BIOSTRIPS™, is revolutionizing nutritional supplements through innovation, convenience and efficacy. It started with a simple realization: traditional supplements weren’t doing their job.

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once upon a tired

It all started when I was feeling run down. A busy entrepreneur and mom of two young children, I was exhausted. I was eating healthily, exercising daily and pairing it all with a supplement regime that saw my cabinets spilling over with vitamin bottles. Yet still I felt blegh.

I realized – a little stunned – that most of the supplements I was taking daily were packed with additives and chemicals. Supplementation hadn’t evolved in step with other health and wellness innovations, lagging decades behind the latest science of bioavailability.

Bridging the gap

I threw myself into study and research, collaborating with leading scientists to understand what was missing in the supplement industry (a lot), and how to fill the gap with a far-superior product. Five years later, BIOSTRIPS™ was born.

Using only the best-quality vegan ingredients, BIOSTRIPS™ is a range of high-performing supplements that target specific health concerns across all life stages – and with a revolutionary twist: deliver game-changing health benefits in a paper-thin strip that dissolves on the tongue.

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On-the-go health and wellness

In addition to enhanced bioavailability, BIOSTRIPS™ delivers ultimate convenience for busy people sick of carting bottles of capsules and snap-bags of pills through their days. Paper-thin, weightless and portable, BIOSTRIPS™ goes where you go – all without hassle. Not to mention sparing you the chore of swallowing pills and capsules, which many – especially mature-aged people – struggle with.

Everything flows from good health. I founded Elsantis BIOSTRIPS™ to connect people with the easiest and most effective way to give the body what it needs to thrive. Backed by science, vegan, eco-conscious and wildly convenient, BIOSTRIPS™ are here to revolutionize health, starting with yours.

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For businesses at the forefront of superior health, wellness and quality, BIOSTRIPS™ should be on your shelves.

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