We’re on a mission to help people live healthier, happier lives through superior-quality oral-strip supplements. Join BIOSTRIPS® Business Lab to connect your customers with the future of health and wellness.


BIOSTRIPS® seeks like-minded wholesale partners to share our game-changing supplements with the world. Businesses who share our belief that health is the key to a full and happy life – and who value quality, innovation and integrity.

BioStrips is revolutionizing health and wellbeing.

We’ve made complex science simple, accessible and convenient, connecting health-conscious people with high-performing supplements.

A health-boosting innovation designed to become a key part of your customers’ daily lives.

  • sliding scale icons illustrating bespoke ordering

    bespoke ordering.

    Select from BIOSTRIPS® range of concern-specific supplements, supporting your customers to achieve new heights of thriving health.

  • parcel with speed lines illustrating swift delivery

    swift delivery.

    Our team will mail your BIOSTRIPS® directly to you quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience every time.

  • pioneering flag illustrating BIOSTRIPS leading the way

    lead the way.

    Be part of a health and wellness movement that prioritizes supplements’ quality, efficacy and convenience, connecting customers with accessible, transformative health benefits.

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